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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama

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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama
As the premier Birmingham Alabama fence company, we only use the highest quality fencing materials and heavy-duty hardware to ensure that your fence provides you with years of protection and privacy.
Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama

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Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama
We go beyond what is expected and do our best to make your outdoor living as safe as possible. Fencing Unlimited is licensed in home building and accredited by the Alabama Home Builders Association.
Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama

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Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama
As the go-to Birmingham Alabama fence company, complete customer satisfaction is always our goal. To guarantee optimal performance of your fence, Fencing Unlimited offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on every fence we build.
Railings contractor - Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Alabama Railings

Railings are the perfect addition for decks, staircases, and elevated spaces to add a decorative touch and protect your loved ones.

Our railings are designed and installed with a focus on quality craftsmanship and are built to last. A railing is only as safe as it is strong, and we are experts at creating safe, secure railings. We use quality railings from trusted manufacturers that have been proven to stand strong.

Choose from a variety of materials and finishes for your railing to complement your home's architecture and personal style. With our railings, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have made a smart investment in both safety and visual appeal.

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When you have questions or are looking for information to get started on your fence project, our team is glad to help! Simply reach out by phone or our online form, and get the answers you need!

Railings Most Popular Options

We have a range of railing materials to match your business or home.

Aluminum Fencing for Birmingham Alabama properties.

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings offer a winning combination of durability, sleek design, and low maintenance. Our railings are perfect for a range of outdoor applications, and they provide safety and style for any residential or commercial space.

Aluminum Railings for Birmingham Alabama properties.

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl railings are a versatile and cost-effective solution for creating a beautiful railing. With their weather-resistant properties and easy maintenance, our vinyl railings offer durability and charm for years to come.

Glass Railings for Birmingham Alabama properties.

Glass Railings

For a modern and elegant railing, consider glass railings for your stairway or deck. Their sleek design creates an unobtrusive barrier while providing safety and allowing for uninterrupted views, perfect for modern properties.

Cable Railings for Birmingham Alabama properties.

Cable Railings

Our selection of cable railings are perfect for a contemporary home or business setting. Their sleek metal cables provide safety without blocking your view. Cable railings create a strong barrier that is safe enough to use for protecting small kids or pets.

Wood Railings for Birmingham Alabama properties.

Wood Railings

Add warmth and timeless charm to your home with our wood railings. Our wood materials are crafted from quality materials to create a fence that is safe, secure, and stylish for years to come. A wood fence enhances your space instantly.

Residential Railing Common Uses

Outdoor railing contractor in Birmingham Alabama

Our railings are one of the best additions to your home or business and are applicable for a wide range of uses.

Residential Deck Railings

Our residential deck railings are designed to transform your outdoor space into a safe and visually stunning area. We understand the importance of having a sturdy and secure railing system and installing railings that meet safety standards.

Residential Balcony Railings

When you work with our Birmingham Alabama railing professionals, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your balcony railing not only meets your safety requirements but also enhances the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space.

Residential Porch and Stair Railings

Our residential porch and stair railings prioritize safety without compromising on style. They are designed to provide security for your loved ones with a touch of beauty thanks to our selection of wood, vinyl, glass, aluminum, and other railing materials to make your porch a focal point.

Buying a Fence in birmingham-alabama Our Easy Process

When it comes to buying a fence, we have simplified the process and created an easy 3-step system. Since 2018, our team at Fencing Unlimited in birmingham-alabama has provided a wide selection of fence types and styles and served our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Speak to our team to get started on your fence project today!

Buying a fence in Birmingham Alabama - step 1

Measure Your Property

On your own or with support from our expert team, get the correct measurements of your property to determine the amount of materials you will need and help us calculate your most accurate quote.

Buying a fence in Birmingham Alabama - step 2

Select a Fence Style

Browse through the options of fence types and choose the perfect style to fit your needs and preferences. Our design team is well-trained to know what fences are the best possible fit for you and can help you make your decision.

Buying a fence in Birmingham Alabama - step 3

Delivery and Installation

Whether you would like to install your fence on your own, or you would like to hire our team to do it professionally, we can help with getting you the right materials or with scheduling our team to complete your fence installation.

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