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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama

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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama
As the premier Birmingham Alabama fence company, we only use the highest quality fencing materials and heavy-duty hardware to ensure that your fence provides you with years of protection and privacy.
Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama

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Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama
We go beyond what is expected and do our best to make your outdoor living as safe as possible. Fencing Unlimited is licensed in home building and accredited by the Alabama Home Builders Association.
Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama

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Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama
As the go-to Birmingham Alabama fence company, complete customer satisfaction is always our goal. To guarantee optimal performance of your fence, Fencing Unlimited offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on every fence we build.

Birmingham Alabama Commercial Fencing

Quality installation and service are our top priority.

Fencing Unlimited has been providing commercial fencing and installation services to the Birmingham Alabama area since 2018.

Choosing Fencing Unlimited for your next fence is great choice. We are a local company with a proven track record of satisfied customers and outstanding customer reviews.

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Fencing Unlimited Birmingham Alabama Commercial fence company

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When you have questions or are looking for information to get started on your fence project, our team is glad to help! Simply reach out by phone or our online form, and get the answers you need!

The Birmingham Alabama Area'sPopular Commercial Fence Types

Fence columns and walls installation company in Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham AlabamaColumns and Walls

Add a personal touch to your outdoor area with Fencing Unlimited's columns and walls, designed to complement and enhance your fencing.

Fencing Unlimited now extends its services to include the installation of custom columns and walls. These additions are crafted to complement your fencing, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Our team focuses on delivering durable, aesthetically pleasing designs that align with your specific needs.

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Instant Fence Pricing Estimator!

Compare the pricing of different configurations, options, and styles using our FREE online fence estimator tool. You can get an instant price quote to help you decide what is best for you.

Economical, Durable, Low-MaintenanceCommercial Chain Link Fence

A commercial chain link fence is perfect for situations that require a fence that does not impair the view. There are several mesh sizes and wire gauges available. Chain link fencing is also available with polymer coatings in a variety of colors, including brown, green, and black. Consider a commercial chain link fence if you are searching for a robust, low-maintenance, and reasonably inexpensive fencing option. Typically, the installation is quicker than most fence solutions.

Chain link fences are most commonly utilized to protect supplies, construction sites, and equipment yards, as well as tennis courts, playgrounds, batting cages, pools, schools, and any application where extensive lines of fencing are required.

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Birmingham Alabama commercial chain link fence
Birmingham Alabama commercial bollard installation

Secure, Versatile, SleekBollard Installation

Our professional installers at Fencing Unlimited are skilled and knowledgeable in the installation, use, and upkeep of high security bollards and barriers. We install crash-rated and non-rated bollard barriers at locations like data centers, government buildings, sporting arenas, military bases, and airports. These barriers are available as stationary, movable, manual, or automatic.

Bollards are suitable for a range of applications thanks to their adaptable design. When deep excavations are restricted by underground utilities or other factors, a shallow mount bollard fencing system can be used in those locations. In contrast, conventional in-ground models provide equivalent protection in locations with constrained nearby space. Many of these can be used as decorative barriers, which will improve both the security of a site's perimeter and its curb appeal.

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High-Security, Adaptable, DurableCommercial Security Fence

When you need to restrict access to your commercial property, our experienced team can provide you with a custom security fence and gate to meet your project's specifications. Fencing Unlimited offers commercial high-security fence solutions.

Our commercial security fences are paired with the top of the line security systems and operators. Our team's skill and experience in the commercial fencing market allows us to offer professional and efficient installations with a wide range of options.

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Birmingham Alabama commercial security fence
Birmingham Alabama commercial perimeter fence

Security, Curb Appeal, BoundariesCommercial Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence provides a solution that defines property boundaries while adding to your commercial property's curb appeal. Perimeter fences are offered in a variety of materials such as chain link, metal, wood, and vinyl. Your perimeter fence can encompass your entire property, geographical features, or amenities.

Several factors will help to determine the best perimeter fence system for your property. Some of these factors require compliance with local building code, type of soil or surface for installation, and any added purposes for fence functionality. Our experienced fence craftsmen will provide you with the perfect commercial perimeter fence solution.

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Top-Quality Brands, Professional InstallationCommercial Gate & Access Control

A professional gate installation will increase the security of your property while enhancing your curb appeal. At Fencing Unlimited, we install commercial gates using a variety of high-quality materials and durable hardware. Our team of experts can help you pick the perfect gate solution for you or your business. These beautifully crafted gates and entry systems will protect your property for many, many years. We understand that access control to your business is important, and we take your privacy and security seriously.

We provide commercial gate installation, commercial access control, and commercial fence installation in Birmingham Alabama. Whether it's 5-Star hotels, luxury living communities, or schools and government job sites, we deliver high-performance access control solutions and superior customer service.

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Birmingham Alabama commercial gate and access control

Commercial Fence Warranty Information

Fencing Unlimited is proud to provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all commercial fences. We use top-quality fencing materials that often come with impressive manufacturer warranties for even greater protection. Your specific choices will determine your specific warranty.

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Prices on commercial fences are highly dependent on the material you choose and the exact style you order. We provide commercial fencing quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or give us a call and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.


We encourage you to speak with one of our commercial fence experts before focusing solely on price! There are cheaper, very poor quality fence materials available that will not last. We don't use them. There are also very inexperienced and unprofessional fence installers who continually cut corners and don't stand behind their work (regardless of what their so-called-warranty says).

Commercial fences must stand up to Birmingham Alabama's high winds, harsh weather, and physical abuse from employees, customers, landscaping companies, animals, and more. Shopping for the cheapest fence is usually not the best way to make a decision about the fence you want to protect and beautify your business or property.

We understand for businesses in Birmingham Alabama - you need a great fence and you can't wait forever to get it! Generally, it only takes a few days (maximum) for one of our commercial fence experts to get to most areas of Birmingham Alabama - to walk your property and give you a detailed estimate of your entire commercial fence project.

Once you approve the estimate, we can often install commercial fences in most of Birmingham Alabama within 1 to 3 weeks, but please check with our office of your specific project. There are times throughout the year where that timeframe may be less, or it may be longer.

There are "other" things that can delay the start of a fencing project. If you select a fencing material, style, color, or options that need to be special ordered; that will often delay the installation of your fence. These materials come from various manufacturers and are beyond our control. We will help you to identify, in advance, any of your choices that are known to be likely to cause these additional delays, and we will offer alternatives whenever possible.

Make it Easy on Yourself!

Don't stress yourself! Our commercial fence experts will gladly come to your property and take all the measurements you need! We are a full service fence company that specializes in commercial fence installation … you do not need to work hard to get a great new fence to protect your business.

DIY Fence Estimate

If you'd like to get a rough idea on your own about how much fencing you will need, follow these easy steps:

  • If you happen to know the dimensions of the area you wish to enclose, simply add the length of each side together. Use a tape measure. Rough estimates are fine, there is no need to be too precise, this is just a rough estimate at this point.
  • Be sure to subtract the length of any structures (like a building or a storage shed that will serve as part of the barrier). This will give you a rough estimate as to how much fencing you will need.
  • An additional step to get greater accuracy for the amount of commercial fencing you will need, is to also subtract the length of any gates you will be using. The gates are often priced much differently than the fencing is. For this reason we usually recommend to property owners who are looking to develop their own fence estimate, to list the gates separately. A standard walk gate is approx. 4 feet wide and a standard commercial drive gate can easily be 20 feet wide or more.


Fencing is often priced and sold by SECTIONS, not by linear feet! Even when the linear footage is included specifically on price estimates … the total number of sections is a factor in this pricing. So, “price per linear foot” is only a rough estimate and rarely represents the actual cost of the finished fence!

This is a very interesting difference that we would love to explore and explain to you if you'd like to speak with one of our commercial fence experts further. Be aware, “price per linear foot” is a ploy that many unprofessional fence installers in the Birmingham Alabama area use!

Yes! We are a trusted commercial fencing contractor across the entire Birmingham Alabama area.

We offer a wide selection of commercial grade fencing designed to provide solutions for every commercial situation and every style. Our crews are specially trained in the latest techniques in commercial fence installation - ensuring your fence is installed properly so it will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the unique demands of commercial applications and the harsh weather typical of Birmingham Alabama.

Absolutely! As one of the most trusted commercial fencing contractors in the entire Birmingham Alabama area, we stand behind our work.

Warranty on Fence Materials

We use commercial grade materials and work with high-quality fence manufacturers. This means you are protected with excellent manufacturer warranties on all fencing materials (in most cases). Each fence type and fence manufacturer is different. Our fence experts will guide you to the best solution for your situation - making sure you receive the maximum protection and peace-of-mind for your commercial fence!

Workmanship Warranty on Fence Installations

Our installers are expertly trained for all types of commercial fencing. We are experienced with the specific soil conditions and other factors that impact the strength and resilience of fences installed in the Birmingham Alabama area. We stand behind our work and offer a workmanship warranty on all commercial fences we install. Please talk to our fence experts to get the full details of the workmanship warranty for your specific project, and feel confident that working with Fencing Unlimited means you never have to worry about our quality or our support!

All of our high-quality fencing is proven to last in Birmingham Alabama. So the best type of fence for you is really a matter of priorities, style, and budget. Our expert commercial fence consultants can help you make the best choice for you and your property. Whether it is privacy and security you are looking for. Or if a more decorative touch is your goal. We have excellent commercial fencing solutions that have proven popular and durable with your friends and neighbors across the entire Birmingham Alabama region.

Here is a basic guideline that we use to help people get started making the best selection:

Commercial Fencing Examples

Commercial chain link fence Birmingham Alabama fence company
Commercial ornamental steel fence Birmingham Alabama fence company
Commercial aluminum fence Birmingham Alabama fence company
Commercial steel fence Birmingham Alabama fence company
Commercial chain link fence Birmingham Al fence company
Commercial steel fence Birmingham Al fence company
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