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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama

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Durable fencing in Birmingham Alabama
As the premier Birmingham Alabama fence company, we only use the highest quality fencing materials and heavy-duty hardware to ensure that your fence provides you with years of protection and privacy.
Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama

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Professional fence company in Birmingham Alabama
We go beyond what is expected and do our best to make your outdoor living as safe as possible. Fencing Unlimited is licensed in home building and accredited by the Alabama Home Builders Association.
Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama

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Competitive fence warranty in Birmingham Alabama
As the go-to Birmingham Alabama fence company, complete customer satisfaction is always our goal. To guarantee optimal performance of your fence, Fencing Unlimited offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on every fence we build.

Birmingham Alabama Deck Staining Services

When a wood deck is properly stained and sealed, its beauty and longevity are maximized. As the leading deck staining and sealing service provider in Birmingham Alabama, Fencing Unlimited's experts use the highest quality oil-based exterior wood stain and sealant to give your deck a stunning look and a long lifespan.

Deck staining - Birmingham Alabama

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Wood Deck Staining Benefits

Why do Birmingham Alabama property owners agree that our wood deck staining services are a must? Here are a few main reasons...

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Stained Decks Look Better

Out of all of the amazing benefits of staining and sealing your deck, the truth is that the top reason people are interested in staining their deck is that it simply looks better! We have a wide range of the most popular stain colors available to ensure that your deck matches your own unique style and preferences.

Prevent Twisting and Warping

Our stain and seal service protects your deck from twisting and warping by keeping your wood healthy. The conditioning oils in our stain penetrate down to the very center of the wood to help your deck resist twisting and warping problems that are common with unprotected wood decks.

Your Deck Will Last Longer

It's all too common for wood decks to take a beating from the sun and weather, causing them to age very quickly and begin to break down in just a couple of years. Our staining and sealing service for Birmingham Alabama protects your deck from UV damage and water damage caused by the weather. This will extend the life of your deck for many years, saving you money in the long run while looking fantastic the entire time!

The deck on your property is worth protecting. It provides an outdoor living space as well as aesthetic appeal. Staining and sealing your deck offers a number of benefits to the homeowner, including preservation of the wood, protection from the elements and wear, and restoring existing structures to their original beauty.

If your deck has recently been built, you might need to wait a period of time before staining it. Although there are discrepancies about when a deck should be stained, there is a general rule of thumb. If the wood has a moisture level below 13%, then the deck can be stained. However, delays might occur in the event of rain, so it is best to stain when there are a few clear weather days in a row.

In general, there are no temperature or sunlight restrictions on our oil-based penetrating stains. However, the wood must be dry, with a moisture level under 13%. As a result, in most parts of the country, it is generally safe to stain year-round.

We always recommend that you pick the stain you like best! Some stain colors tend to be a bit more popular than others due to variances in maintenance or appeal. Darker colors generally require less maintenance than lighter or natural tones. Dark stains and black stains have become popular for creating a bold style and often produce a great contrast against homes or other structures, with the added benefit of requiring less maintenance. However, if you need a bit more guidance, there are a few things that you can take into consideration when choosing a stain color.

If you have existing wood structures on your property, you might want to choose a stain that complements them. Another consideration you might need to take into account is if there are any HOA regulations. Some HOAs require particular colors of stain or need advanced approval for stains. Keep in mind that colors appear slightly different in different lights. Just like how a paint color inside a house can look different at various times during the day, your deck stain can appear slightly different in various lighting situations as well. It is always a good idea to stain a sample of the type of wood you are using so you can see it throughout the day to make sure it is the stain color you want.

When you stain your deck, you are protecting the investment you made to build that structure. The cost of staining can vary slightly, but this is a guide to the general investment:

Deck floors range from $3.00 - $5.00 per square foot, steps range from $25.00 - $40.00 each, and deck railings range from $10.00 - $20.00 per linear foot. Posts, beams, and undersides of the deck can be done for an additional cost.

In general, you want your contractor to be able to access the wood deck with ease. Trimming back large landscaping such as shrubs and smaller trees from deck lines will help your contractor be able to get to all parts of your deck. Try to remove all furniture from decks, along with ornamental items or decor, such as hanging or potted plants, patio lighting (if it is against the fence or in the way of a deck structure), and outdoor rugs. Mowing the grass around the base of all structures is beneficial, along with weeding along the bottom. Also, your contractor would appreciate if you turn off any scheduled sprinkler use.

Maintaining your outdoor space is just as important as maintaining your indoor space! Several times a year, it is recommended to clean stained decks with a broom or leaf blower to keep dirt particles and debris off the wood. A soft wash with gentle cleaning chemicals is recommended once a year to "sanitize" your wood structures and to kill any organic growth that your deck might accumulate. Applying a maintenance coat of stain to your deck is best done every two years on horizontal surfaces and high-traffic areas and every four years on vertical surfaces such as railings or spindles. This maintenance suggestion also depends on the color of stain you have chosen for your structure. Maintenance could be needed sooner for lightly pigmented colors or natural tones, while more heavily pigmented and darker stains tend to last longer between applications.

It is not too late to stain your deck! Even an older structure can be cleaned and restored. If your deck is not very old, a basic wash is usually needed prior to staining and sealing. If your deck is a bit older, a full restoration might be necessary before staining. This would include a thorough cleaning and a wood brightener application. For decks, the wood usually needs to be sanded after the cleaning process has been completed and before the staining begins.

Examples of Our Staining & Sealing

Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
Birmingham, Alabama Fence Staining
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